Nights Off-Post

Here are some local nightlife options near Fort Benning:

Monday, April 9 – Service Industry Night and Karaoke at Soho, Spades Night at The Suite Bar and Grill

Tuesday, April 10 – DJ AI at The Suite Bar and Grill, Open Mic Night at Soho with host Tripp Wrigley

Wednesday, April 11 – Wine Tasting at Ben’s Chophouse with live music from Nick Johnston; Piper’s Down at The Suite Bar and Grill

Thursday, April 12 – Charles “Big Saxy” Robinson at Ben’s Chophouse, Open Mic Night at The Suite Bar and Grill with host Nick Johnston, Open Mic Night at Fountain City Coffee, “I Tweet On My iPad (And I Liked It)” opening night at The Springer Opera House, Comedy Night at The Loft

Friday, April 13 – DJ Teknek at The Suite Bar and Grill, Ben Sutton and Josh McKenzie at Ben’s Chophouse, Friday Night Jazz and Peggy Jenkins at The Loft

Saturday, April 14 – Latin Extreme Night at The Suite Bar and Grill, Ben Sutton and Josh McKenzie at Ben’s Chophouse, Leigh Nash at The Loft

Sunday, April 15 – Jazz Night at The Suite Bar and Grill

Heritage Walk Paver Dedications

Heritage ParkThere’s certainly no shortage of heroes in our area. The Chattahoochee Valley is full of active servicemen and military veterans who have given up the their freedom, and sometimes their lives, defending our country. You’d be hard-pressed to find a local family that hasn’t been touched by the sacrifice and courage of our soldiers.

The National Infantry Museum has a great way to honor those brave souls.

In 2010, my grandfather, James D. Talley Sr., celebrated his 90th birthday. My family decided that the best gift we could offer our patriarch would be something that celebrated his service in World War II. We chose to immortalize our Paw-Paw’s legacy with something really special: A Heritage Walk Paver.

The National Infantry Museum offers a program in which a soldier can have their name and memory of their service engraved in a granite paver and then placed in the Heritage Walk the rounds the museum. The paver costs $250 and comes with a small replica paver This is the perfect way to show the pride we feel for those who have given up so much to protect so many.

100 Yards: The National Infantry Museum

last 100 yardsThere’s a special stretch of exhibits at the National Infantry Museum. Once you make your way past the Romanesque pillars and the massive bronze commemorative statue at the entrance, and pass into this “temple of the soldier,” right before you you’ll see an inclined pathway.

The slope leads you up, but also takes you back in time through a rich military history.

The “Last Hundred Yards” exhibit is a celebration of the heroics of our nation’s infantry. The name is a reference to how these foot soldiers clear out the final line of enemies in battle.

As you make your ascent, you’ll come across dioramas showing some of the great battles of our country’s history, from the American Revolution to the current War in Iraq. The figures in the exhibit are not merely mannequins, but rather casts of active duty soldiers. From antique muskets to state-of-the-art tanks, the displays throughout are genuine, as is the admiration for the bravery of the Infantry.

In 100 yards, we commemorate over 200 years of courage and sacrifice.

Ft. Benning Tour of Homes

Historic Homes of Fort BenningThis Sunday, civilians will have the opportunity to take a tour of some of Fort Benning’s historic homes. Fort Benning soldiers and their families are opening their homes to the public for the 2nd Tour of Homes, a fundraising event for the Fort Benning Spouses Club. Ten homes are included on the tour, including the Commanding General’s Riverside.

Tickets are $10. The proceeds from the day will toward scholarships and grants.

The Tour of Homes will be held tomorrow, March 25, from 1-4 P.M.

Fort Benning: A Beautiful Setting for a Wedding Rich in History & Tradition

Fort Benning was first established in 1918 as a place for basic training for units in World War I. It has now become a thriving, self-sustaining community for soldiers and their families. The streets are lined with trees and stately white homes displaying their American flags with pride.

The Infantry Chapel, dedicated in 1934 to four fallen chaplains who gave their life preserves to others while their ship sank in WWII, is a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. With a stunning dome overhead and spiral staircase, this chapel was built with love and would be the perfect place for you to commit your love to each other. There is also a beautiful green pasture beside the chapel that would be perfect for an outside tent reception.

If you are not up for the possibility of the weather not cooperating with an outside reception, you could check out The Benning Club or The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center to host your guests after the nuptials. These are also stunning settings that will make a huge statement to your friends and family about how proud you are to be a part of our country’s armed forces.

I am very honored to have been a part of my sister-in-law’s wedding a few months ago at Fort Benning. She was married at The Infantry Chapel and held her reception at The Benning Club. As the couple left the chapel, the traditional saber bearers were standing in the walk with white gloves and a beautiful arch of swords for them to pass under. Just as they got to the last pair of saber bearers they lowered their swords to stop the couple while the saber bearer on the right gave my sister-in-law a swat on the behind to welcome her into the army.

It was a wedding full of history, tradition, and beauty all around, the perfect place to say “I Do”.

Interview with Wayne Long

Wayne let me ask you some questions about Columbus GA

Q: How do you like living in Columbus GA.

A: It is great! We have lived here for a long time and really feel a part of the community

Q: What do you like best about Columbus

A: Columbus has most of the amenities of a large city like Restaurants, Theaters, and sports but you can drive all the way across town in less than 30 minutes.   It still has a small town feel.

Q: How is the economy in Columbus?

A: Like other parts of the country we are experiencing some downturn because of the mortgage issues and gasoline prices but we are stonger than most because of the expansion of Fort Benning, AFLAC, and the new KIA plant – we picked up our first KIA supplier this last week.